About Roxie

About Roxie

Born in Rawlins and raised on the mysterious and majestic Red Desert, Roxie's first role models were cowboys and sheepherders, roughnecks and ranchers-rugged and individualistic, determined and capable lovers of freedom. Roxie's first job was washing dishes at the Desert Cafe but her favorite and most memorable job was pumping gas at Waldner's Conoco station where she met and talked to I-80 tourists from all over the world.

Working for these small businesses taught her the value of honesty, diligence, integrity and loyalty. Interacting with the tourists made her realize that there was a great big world out there beyond the beauty of the Desert.

Roxie's parent's, George and Lea were hardworking, fun-loving working class folks who taught her to appreciate the natural beauty of Wyoming and respect for the land. She grew up fishing, hunting and camping in the Sierra Madres. She drew her first Big Horn Sheep tag at 18 and harvested a huge Ram in Sunlight Basin overlooking Yellowstone Park.

She remained in Wyoming to earn her bachelor's degree from the University of Wyoming College of Business. She met and married Bill in Laramie and the couple returned to her ancestral home in Converse County where four generations had preceded her and four children came along to continue the legacy. They raised the family there while starting and successfully operating three small businesses and in 2002, returned to Laramie where Roxie earned a JD from the UW School of Law.

After a stint in private practice and founding of yet another business in Laramie, Roxie accepted a position with the States' Public Defenders'/GAL Program as an advocate for abused and neglected children. She remains in that role today.

Roxie's experience in Laramie as a children's attorney and the operator of a small business are the driving factors in her decision to seek election to the Legislature. Recent events propose serious challenges to small businesses and to the operation of State Government. The crisis with Wyoming families has a much longer history but is equally in need of serious and targeted attention.

Roxie is committed to a strong economy, a reliable tax base, strong families, quality education and personal freedom which when combined will provide every Wyoming citizen the tools to succeed, prosper and thrive. Your vote for Roxie will insure that you have representation in Cheyenne and that she will work tirelessly and honestly for your best interests. A Republican representative that will listen, will fight and will never give up.