"The constitution was given to us by our forefathers and has carried the spirit of our nation ever since it was written."

I will always defend freedom of speech and the Constitutional values connected to it. The values and liberties enshrined in that document shall always be protected and they shall never expire.

Small Business

"Small Businesses are the backbone of our economy. They create jobs in our local economy, give us strength and keep the money in our communities."

As a business owner, I will fight for our small businesses in this state and will do everything in my power to reduce the red tape. We need to create an environment where they can thrive. They are essential to our economy and should be treated that way!


"I believe in Reaganomics: low taxes will help not only our families to survive this pandemic but will also strengthen our small businesses."

Wyoming families and businesses are suffering amid the COVID-19 crisis. Burdening them by raising taxes will only hurt them more. The same principles apply to our small businesses.I will protect the Wyoming families and vehemently oppose any new taxes.

Government Spending

"Our beautiful state is expecting a budget shortfall of over 1 billion USD. That means, Wyoming has cut spending."

In order to address the pending budget shortfall, the first priority should be a thorough review of every state agency to identify waste inefficiency and/or duplication of services to ensure that each dollar is spent wisely.

Energy Sector in Wyoming

"Our economy has depended on energy for most of its history. It is irrational to think that our future doesn't include a strong energy sector!"

We still have tremendous coal reserves as well as significant untapped oil and gas reserves. We also have one of the best wind resources in the universe and vast solar opportunities. Stability in maintaining and producing these resources is key.


"I know the importance of agriculture to this state's economy and will defend it, no matter what!"

Agriculture has been the linchpin of Wyoming's economy since its founding. We need to continue to support our farmers and ranches. We need to cut red tape and over-regulations and help this sector survive this pandemic and its economic outfall.

2nd Amendment

"Every human being has the God-given-right to self defense and that right shall not, under any circumstances, be infringed upon."

This constitutional right shall never be infringed upon. It guarantees us the right to self-defense from any enemy and it helps keep our communities safe. Wyoming has a strong firearm culture and I vow to protect it.


"I know that with the current budget crisis, we will face budget cuts, that will affect healthcare. Yet we must maintain the most important services."

So, any expansion of Medicaid should be in conjunction with education to encourage healthier lifestyles and an audit of the healthcare system to make sure that it is as efficient as possible.


"I stand beside the life of the unborn; the most vulnerable in our society, who are denied every chance to live in this beautiful country"

I will fight for every precious life, gifted to us from God. As lawmakers, it is our duty to never deny the right to life to anyone.

Law Enforcement

"Our men and women in blue are doing a tremendous job keeping our communities safe. They need all the resources available to fulfill their tasks."

However, we need to shift police involvement away from  issues that are not fundamentally criminal, such as homelessness, substance abuse, mental illness and family crises.


"I believe in a strong military being able to complete their missions around the globe with all the resources available. Our soldiers are doing a great job in keeping our nation safe."

I will fight for our military members and veterans to guarantee they receive the best support they can get. We should never forget those who have protected our freedoms and liberties.


"Our state offers great education to our children, and the caretakers and teachers are doing an excellent job in educating our future generations."

We should offer the best option of education to our children, whether it will be higher education or trade schools. If applicable, our children should benefit from opportunity scholarships. Additionally, I will make sure that our teachers and classrooms are protected at all costs and receive the funds necessary to complete their critical task of educating our future generations.


"We need to assess, potentially through fuel taxes and/or permit fees, if the trucking industry is paying for the damage it does to I-80."

It is an irrefutable fact that the volume of truck traffic and extreme weather conditions makes it less safe to Wyoming citizens. A toll may be an opportunity to provide funding to make I-80 safe for the public.